1. Fashion & Fantasy: “Poison the Night” SWAROVSKI Poison Metallic Light Gold Ring
    oil on illustration board (acrylic washes)

    Acrylic washes kill the white and prevent the graphite drawing from smudging. A few friends that are artists saw that i was using this technique yesterday and I couldn’t believe the controversy it started.

    Well maybe controversy is a bit strong but they all screamed “spray fix…workable fix!”

    Workable fix and spray fix are toxic as hell, you have to go outside to spray them and oil paint hates them. too much or too little and you’re screwed.

    Legendary fantasy artist and long time influence of mine Julie Bell taught me that all you need are some acrylic washes with a soft brush or a light hand and it does the same job. I block in colour before i begin painting anyway so this saves me a step, time and my lungs. Thanks Julie!

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