1. "Gimme Shelter"
    The Hunger Games for IMC 2012
    16x20 oil on illustration board

    First finished illustration in over a year. I’m BACK!

    So shooting my paintings has always been a pain in my ass. I could never get my tiny details to show up the way i want.

    Last night it suddenly hit me. shoot a bunch of tight shots then patch them together in psd.

    Not only do i get amazing detail but it gives me digital file that’s essentially larger than orignal at 300 dpi. Bonus: photoshop has a feature that will automagically patch these shots together for you.

    GREAT for printing!

    Miss me?

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  26. seekagreatperhaps answered: I thought you were yelling at my Tristan. I was all “How the HELL do you know her?”
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    Tristan you FREAK OF NATURE. I can’t stop looking at this.
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