1. Since the DC reboot debacle I’ve been nervous about how I “costume” females

    I haven’t had much experience in the area but if i want to create more characters it’s something to keep in mind.

    I let current runway/street fashion–and a bit of history– influence how i design Hadley eg McQueen, Louis Vuitton

    I think the biggest issue i saw discussed were impracticalities of DC’s female costumes; they look like underwear.

    When i created Hadley’s current outfit I thought of her personality and her daily routine.

    I hate the term Tom Boy so I’ll say Hadley is a girl that likes to literally get her hands dirty. She spends most of her day just off exploring, jumping, falling and riding her horse.

    Most of her armor is a light breast plate that serves more of a means to protect her from branches and bruises than anything else.

    This girl needs to be able to move and despite those distant snow covered mountains it’s warm weather out.

    This summer walking to work in NYC, i’ve never been more jealous of a female than when they got to wear thin beautiful flowing dresses while i was stuck in pants!

    What do you think about female costumes, Hadley’s and is it OK to push the barriers of practicality for the sake of showing skin?

  1. glukkake answered: Depends on the context, as with most things. Skirts are so unrealistic for any serious adventuring tho; it just always feel for the male gaze
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