1. Tonight’s warm up sketches.
    a few 30 sec gestures and a 30 min sketch w/ ballpoint pen

    care of Figure Drawing Training Tool


  2. So i redid my website…

    long story short the very idea of copy/pasting or dabbling in any code to update my site made me sick to my stomach. I’m over it.

    plus i wanted a lush BIG IMAGE site that was a quick read.

    A buddy of mine told me i could export my dripbook portfolio into a working site.

    Because i was an early adopter i have a free Premium Dripbook account. this means a free website (minus cost of hosting on godaddy)

    I was worried that dripbook exports into a flash based site but it looks like they create an html version of the site behind the scenes so that you dont lose SEO.

    If you’re on the phone it also spits out a mobile optimized version of the site. it’s pretty cool. I think it does the same on tablets but i haven’t been able to check.

    I like it. I think it’s easy to nav and SUPER easy to update.

    Whatcha guys think of the new thewhiteleaf.com?

  3. "Gimme Shelter"
    The Hunger Games for IMC 2012
    16x20 oil on illustration board

    First finished illustration in over a year. I’m BACK!

    So shooting my paintings has always been a pain in my ass. I could never get my tiny details to show up the way i want.

    Last night it suddenly hit me. shoot a bunch of tight shots then patch them together in psd.

    Not only do i get amazing detail but it gives me digital file that’s essentially larger than orignal at 300 dpi. Bonus: photoshop has a feature that will automagically patch these shots together for you.

    GREAT for printing!

    Miss me?

  4. #katnisseverdeen coming to life #imc2012 (Taken with Instagram)

  5. Thumbnails of #KatnissEverdeen from this week #IMC2012 (Taken with instagram)

  6. It’s after Memorial Day. That means one thing and one thing only (Taken with Instagram at Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.)

  7. It’s Friday night. Time to do what I do best

  8. You’ll call it process, I call it accountability #oilpainting (Taken with instagram)

  9. An alchemist has gots to learn to hustle

  10. Ballpoint pen on paper (Taken with instagram)